Assessments & Planning

Need a review of your current BI architecure? Looking to create a strategic roadmap before you request funding? Would you like a second opinion of your data systems? Data Street Partners is your strategic advisor from start to finish.

  • Solution Architecture
  • Data Governance
  • Roadmap
  • Strategic Planning
  • Return on Investment Analysis

Tactical Delivery

Onboarding a new technology? Need to deliver a short term win before embarking on your BI journey? Need to develop robust analytical models or integrate systems? Migrating BI systems? We're at the ready.

  • Proof of Concept
  • Server Rapid Start
  • Initial Dashboard Design and Implementation
  • Automated Documentation

Team Augmentation

Need to fill a gap within your team? Are you looking for BI trained resources who are critical problem-solvers and effective communicators? Enter our team augmentation consultants; we can help firms:

  • Continue operations without losing productivity
  • Choose the skill set that best suit your immediate and long term needs
  • Carry out your vision with professionals that are aligned with your success